I am a self-confessed science geek! My passion for Skin Science began when I was very young. I've suffered from it all. Eczema, teenage acne & have sensitive skin to name a few. I had been applying makeup and skincare for years as a Ballerina. The second I was old enough (14 years and 9 months), I gained a job at Target in the cosmetics department. During my 20's I was a flight attendant, travelled and sampled cosmetics from all over the world. I saved up and put my self through a private beauty college studying Heath Science Aesthetics.

It was during my first pregnancy that I experienced hyperpigmentation (sun damage) and melasma (hormonal pigmentation). I felt so self-conscious. My skin permanently looked dirty and I disliked having an uneven complexion. I knew from my studies, having worked in the beauty and health industry, that pigmentation is aesthetically very ageing.

While I was pregnant and for the first time in my life I suddenly deeply cared about the chemicals and preservatives I was ingesting through my gut and topically on my skin. I became extremely curious, conducted my own research and began to educate myself. I really struggled to find Australian made cosmeceutical brands that were of high calibre, that didn't contain parabens or fragrances and were safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

This is when TRIPLE A Skin Science was born. With the assistance of dermal professionals, I created biologically active, skin serums that are super luxe, with formulas that will generate results. No expense has been spared. I am very proud to share that TRIPLE A Skin Science is an Australian owned and made, professional strength, skincare company. Designed to prevent and improve intrinsic and extrinsic ageing. Lift and brighten pigmentation. Increase plumpness and hydration. Cruelty-free, fragrance-free, eco-friendly, paraben-free and all of our products are vegan.

TRIPLE A has superior formulas that abide by Australia's very high cosmetic standards. Every aspect of the packaging has been created purely for the customers' benefit! The syringes are airless which means the active ingredients are preserved at their highest integrity. The formulas won't oxidise nor be affected by UV light. The vacuum pump ensures the customer gets every last drop so no wastage! It also features a safety lock for travel.

I've listened to my friends, I've done the diligence with research but I've also garnered a wealth of knowledge from my industry experience. I have studied a Bachelor of  Psychology, and am currently completing my Masters of Business Administration (MBA). I have worked for a Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeon in Victoria. I also have my Laser Safety Officers Accreditation and have worked at a Laser Skin Clinic in Queensland. I have immersed myself in the industry so I can develop a superior product that delivers results.

For me, it was also important to showcase a truly Australian brand. You may have noticed the iconic Sydney Opera House in our logo. It also represents the AAA's which is an acronym for Advanced Aesthetics Australia. The TRIPLE A logo represents the cellular journey, rising to the top of the skin, before shedding and commencing its journey again.

They say when you own a business that you are the brand's greatest ambassador. I am a Mum of two and I am obsessed with the results I have personally achieved with TRIPLE A Skin Science. Hand on my heart, these products work, with all skin types in mind. I can't wait for you to try them.

Chantelle O’Neill,

TRIPLE A Skin Science Founder